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The ARA encourages beginners and for fixed wing we have a club training aircraft where you can try the hobby.

If you decide to continue the club will advise on aircraft equipment and then allocate you an instructor to take you the necessary Bmfa qualifications.

For helicopters we have instructors who again can train you to Bmfa qualifications

Here is a list of our club instructors:

Examiners Name   Model type
Bert   Fixed Wing
Dan   HelicopterFixed Wing
Dave   Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing

Paul   Fixed Wing
Nigel   Quadcopter
If you would like an instructor to help please contact the club via the contact form    

Here is a list of our club examiners:

Instructors Name   Model type
Iain   Fixed Wing
Paul   Fixed Wing
If you feel that you are ready to take a test for A or B please contact the club and we can arrange it for you.